Thinning hair affects men and women of all ages. The cause is often genetic, and can also be triggered by certain life stages. Hair cells reproduce at a faster rate than any other in our bodies, so they are also sensitive to changes in our health or environment. Addressing thinning begins with understanding what causes and contributes to it, and the early warning signs to look out for.

NIOXIN uses advanced technologies to deliver thicker, fuller, denser-looking hair. Their commitment to innovation, supported by research, enables us to be able to help those of you who come to Gloss who experience thinning hair.

The NIOXIN approach began in 1987, when founder experienced thinning hair after the birth of her first child and began to investigate the idea of treating the scalp with skincare methods.

Until then, people experiencing thin-looking hair had very few options for help. NIOXIN's advanced technologies provide real solutions for making the most of the hair you have, transforming the hair care industry and bringing hope and confidence to men and women everywhere.


Making the most with the hair you have begins with a consultation at our salon. One of our fully-qualified stylists will be able to introduce you to the benefits of NIOXIN, talk through your needs and recommend a tailored solution.

If you've never used NIOXIN before, we'd recommend a Complete Renewal Service. 

This service includes:


A conversation about the causes of thinning hair and an assessment of your individual needs.

Scalp Renew Density Protection

Regular use of this take-home treatment is recommended after Scalp Renew Dermabrasion Service. 

Scalp Renew Dermabrasion Treatment

This in-salon service is a great introduction to NIOXIN, and you will instantly feel the effects. (Dermabrasaion is free, when purchased with 3 part system trail pack - usually £15) 

NIOXIN 3-Part System

Your stylist will recommend the 3-Part System for your hair and scalp needs, and it will be yours to take home.


Start your journey to confidence!

Book yourself in with our NIOXIN consultation today! and purchase your recommended system kit - £30

Thinning hair is a common problem, affecting 78% of men and women of all ages.